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Discover Your Erotic Blueprint™ and Get Your 28-Page In-Depth, Personalized Blueprint Report when you take The Blueprint Quiz…

Discover Your Primary Blueprint Type

This is your language to erotic fulfillment – your fastest access to turn on and where your erotic superpowers ignite

Your Customized Blueprint Report

A personalized 28 page report full of practical tools for pleasure unique to your Blueprint Type

Your Personalized Pleasure Profile

Your unique chart of how all the Blueprint Types interact.  This is a powerful tool that reveals your Blueprint Stack and new pathways to orgasmic pleasure

Powerful Pleasure Practices

Accessing your orgasmic potential may be easier than you think. It only takes a few minutes to open to embodied pleasure. We’ll show you how.

This In-Depth Quiz is the same Expert Assessment that Jaiya used to start Damon and Erika’s transformational journey on Netflix’s ‘Sex, Love & Goop

Need a sample first? Take The Quiz and discover just your Primary Blueprint Type™ - no cost.

Join the 1,517,545 people all over the world discovering their full Pleasure Profile, transforming their communication and increasing their sexual satisfaction.

Sexy, Savvy Sophistication is Possible in Your Life

If you’re starved for connection, hungry for sexual expression or too busy meeting the needs of others…

We invite you, in this moment, to take a deep breath. Maybe close your eyes…

What is one thing that your body is telling you right now? Can you identify a sensation?  Where do you feel it?  

Can you be present with it? 

Feeling into your body is where pleasure starts.  

All too often, we can get into our heads and disconnect from our bodies. By taking a moment to notice, we foster a “state of possibility.”

Consciously pushing the edges of what’s possible, you can come to feel your pleasure.  

Knowing your Erotic Blueprint Type opens up the floodgates to your sexy superpowers.

The quiz offers you a lightbulb moment — revealing how your unique arousal is wired.  

By feeling into what feeds your internal fire you can increase connection, trust, and satisfaction.  

The Blueprint framework offers world-class wisdom to help you get what you want both in and out of the bedroom.  

When you take the quiz, you’ll realize there’s a whole technicolor world of sexy, savvy sophistication available to you.

Which of the 5 Erotic
Blueprint Types Are You?

Which of the 5 Erotic Blueprint Types Are You?

Energetic Type™
Energetic Types™ are often the most misunderstood of the Blueprint Types. You won’t find examples in media about Energetic turn-ons. One superpower of the Energetic Type is that you don’t need to be touched to orgasm. How does that work, you ask? Discover if you’re an Energetic and find out more about your superpowers.

Sensual Type™
If you’re a Sensual Type™, you may struggle with getting stuck in your head and losing touch with your pleasure. There are specific, delicious tools to help you stay connected to your arousal and experience deeply embodied orgasm. If you’re a Sensual Type, your Blueprint Report holds keys to open you to ecstasy.

Sexual Type™
Sexual Types™ bring ease and fun to sex, but you may be missing out on deeper pleasure possibilities. And it’s vital for the health of a Sexual’s relationships to successfully connect with other Blueprint Types. Your Blueprint Report will give you the guidebook to pleasurable play that serves you and your lover(s).

Kinky Type™
You might be surprised if you discover that your primary Blueprint Type is Kinky. Let’s dispel an intimidating myth about Kink: Kink is a vast world for playful exploration and it can be much more than whips and chains. What’s “normal” for someone else may be taboo for you. Are you a Kinky Type™ and don’t even know it?

Shapeshifter Type™
The Shapeshifter is the most erotically sophisticated of all the Blueprint Types. Your appetites are vast and satisfaction can be elusive. Others may have told you, “you’re too much” when it comes to sex. You may feel deeply starved in your eroticism.  Empower yourself with your Blueprint Quiz results and claim your Shapeshifter superpowers. You deserve to be orgasmically fulfilled!

Inside Your Personalized
Blueprint Report

When you complete In-Depth Quiz, you’ll receive your own customized report which delivers empowering tools, practices and wisdom about your Primary Blueprint Type.

You’ll have clear action steps to begin tapping into the kind of pleasure that fills your life with orgasmic bliss.

Ready to get started, reignite play, and feel sexy?

Your Unique Map of Arousal

Our sexuality is nuanced. You are not just one Blueprint Type. You likely have a little bit of every type in your mix which invite you to expand and explore.

With the In-Depth Quiz, you will see your entire Pleasure Profile with your percentage amount of each type.

Get Ready for Delicious
Pleasure Practices...

Get Ready for Delicious Pleasure Practices...

Discover what “Pleasure First” means with this playful and easy exercise you can do anywhere in as little as 3 minutes or as long as an hour.

A powerful assessment to discover your Stage of Sexuality. You’ll be empowered to honor exactly what you need at this stage of your erotic journey.

Instructions for the sexiest homework you’ve probably ever been given (we like to call it homeplay!)

Need a sample first? Take The Quiz and discover just your Primary Blueprint Type™ - no cost.

Where Did the Blueprints Come From?

I’m Jaiya, an internationally recognized Somatic Sexologist, author of the best selling books, “Red Hot Touch” and “Cuffed, Tied and Satisfied” and creator of Erotic Blueprint Types.

For over 25 years I’ve been immersed in the study of Somatic Sexology. Somatic, meaning “of the body.” My work is deeply rooted in the truths the body tells and not focused so much on what we ‘think’ about sex and pleasure.

I’ve studied the biology and psychology behind turn-on and attraction, ancient erotic rituals, tantric sex, kinky dynamics and the mastery of erotic touch in both my personal and professional life.

Coaching hundreds of private clients over the years, delivering group workshops, and performing clinical research led me to discover these 5 distinctive erotic types. Actually, it feels like these erotic types revealed themselves to me. 

I noticed clients with different pathways to experiencing intimacy, arousal, orgasm and climax. These different arousal pathways began to organize themselves into consistent patterns. I started to be able to use them with pinpoint accuracy to help my clients breakthrough blocks that had plagued them for their entire lives.

This Is No Fad or Trend.

I tested this theory of The Erotic Blueprints for 5 years with my private clients, and within my own relationship, before introducing them publicly. I needed to know that they were a repeatable formula and made a difference for my clients. 

At this point, hundreds of my own clients and thousands of the clients of our Blueprint Coaches™ have now had their lives transformed by this empowering and revolutionary framework for sexual communication and satisfaction.

They can do the same for you!

Know Your Pleasure

“A-ha!” echoes in bedrooms around the world as people experience their Blueprint Breakthrough.

Finally… a deep knowing that nothing is wrong.

Now… a newfound permission to explore—leading you to trasures of orgasmic pleasure. 

You can be next

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