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We deeply appreciate your showing up to help spread the message of sexual empowerment and freedom in the world.

We trust that our mission of creating more connected and fulfilling relationships will serve the journey of healing we find ourselves experiencing in these challenging times.

Program Pricing and Commissions

The Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ Course is an 8 Week Online Course for $997.00.

You will receive $300 for each enrollee you refer. Sales will be considered final after 31 days of our close cart and this is when and how we will confirm your affiliate sales and commissions.

If customer purchased a payment plan, affiliate will be paid a percentage each month as we collect from the client.

We look forward to sharing this incredible course with your community, and sharing an abundant commission check with you!

Terms & Conditions

Please note that due to the nature of our industry, we have a manual affiliate process. This is what to expect:

  • Filling out your tax form is required to become a Blueprint Breakthrough Referral Partner
  • We cannot provide affiliate tracking info
  • We pay by check, not Paypal