OMG Yes! Embody Your Pleasure with the Sexual Satisfaction & Electric Connections You Crave

The Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ erases your erotic stressors, judgements, and miscommunications — empowering you to experience the fulfillment, fun, and frequency you deserve.

(Or continue reading below to soak in this savory opportunity to discover your erotic freedom)


The Erotic Blueprints reveal a hidden, universal language of expression and connection - like music.

Only the instruments are our bodies, and the medium is pleasure.

The problem?

We’re usually only shown how to give and receive pleasure for one type of instrument…

But most of us are actually working with entirely DIFFERENT pleasure instruments than the ones we’re seeing in “sex ed”, porn, or the media…

Ones that don’t work in the same way.

So just like you don’t play a cello with the same techniques or tools you use to play a guitar…

Your path to pleasure – whether solo or shared – may simply be different than what you’ve seen so far, and require a different set of skills to enjoy.

That’s why so many of us struggle to reach fully orgasmic, deeply satisfying pleasure throughout our lives.

We never learned how to play our OWN instruments in a way that is truly pleasurable, satisfying, and full-bodied…

… let alone create deeply satisfying, intimate, and explosive harmonies with partners that leave us deliciously breathless, connected, and full!


Because we were given the wrong set of instructions for our own body, and never taught anything different.

That means WE don’t even have the right skills to own and understand our pleasure…

… which makes it nearly impossible for a lover to ever play us with the orgasmic skills of a virtuoso that we crave!

(After all – we can’t teach something that we don’t even know yet!)

And this is what’s leaving us feeling disconnected, secretly starving, and confused about why or how to fix it…

Then wondering deep down what is wrong with us, and if we might just be broken.

You’re not broken.

You’ve simply been taught to look for your pleasure in the wrong places, with the wrong tools, for you.

With your Erotic Blueprint you will discover the entire natural range of erotic possibilities – the Blueprints give you the map and show how to navigate it to maximize your pleasure.

This is the key to finally feeling at home in your body, and in yourself…

To releasing any confusion, pain, or shame you’ve been carrying…

And no longer feeling frustrated, alone, and misunderstood.

All by finding your natural path to pleasure and embracing the way your body is biologically wired to give and receive it – free from any cultural conditioning you’ve inherited or been forced to take on.

Once you understand this for yourself…

You’ll be able to share it with others and reignite deep, passionate, and TRUE connection that lasts…

… since connection only comes from truly seeing each other – and you can’t show someone something you haven’t seen yet yourself!

That’s why knowing your Erotic Blueprint Type is more than just a tool to help you reignite sparks in the bedroom by finally giving you the guidance you’ve been missing all this time.

It’s the proof that you are RIGHT – exactly as you are – and you always have been.

There’s nothing weird or wrong with you.

You’re simply wired differently, and access pleasure in different ways than we’ve been taught traditionally.

So your Erotic Blueprint is the permission you were secretly looking for to stop suppressing and hiding parts of yourself…

And confidently own them instead.

Knowing your needs are entirely natural and valid even when they don’t look the same as someone else’s…

… so you can fearlessly get your pleasure needs met – both solo and with partners!

This makes knowing your Blueprint Type the key to true Erotic Freedom and Fulfillment – free from feelings of shame, confusion, or doubt.

Just knowing your Blueprint Type can unlock the door to Erotic Freedom and Transformation...

“I had spent more than 25 years in the very masculine world of high tech start-ups which led me to live in my head and to disconnect from my body.

Then I discovered the Erotic Blueprints and woke up!

I remembered how to feel my body, and listen to it’s wisdom. I discovered there’s a whole technicolor world of pleasure, possibility, expansion and freedom. Now I’m happier and more fulfilled than ever both inside the bedroom and out!”

Heidi Jackman

Because knowing your Erotic Blueprint Type is enough to help release you from secret shames, worries, and judgements of yourself…

Even ones you may not realize you’re carrying…

Helping you map the way to safely fulfilling ALL of your deepest, most natural needs for true health and satisfaction…

Without the overwhelm, shame, or embarrassment.

And that powerful new relief and freedom naturally leaves space for new presence in your everyday life.

Presence that can help you immediately feel lighter, calmer, and more confident…

More connected and in tune with the people you love most…

In a way that feels effortless.

Food and drinks will taste better…

Conversations will feel more meaningful and flow effortlessly…

All because you’ll be able to get out of your head and relax into your body in these moments again without shame or judgement in the way…

… and finally have back all the energy you never realized you were using to constantly suppress, fight, and worry.

But information alone is not transformation - It’s only the first step.

This is why having an endless arsenal of new techniques, positions, and toys has never been enough for lasting pleasure and fulfillment…

… or deeply passionate, lifelong connection.

Just like there is so much more to any journey than just the map…

Since the map itself is not the territory it guides you through to the treasures awaiting you…

Guess what?

Knowing your Erotic Blueprint Type is just the beginning of this journey.

It’s the first step you need in order to discover your complete Core Erotic Blueprint™ – which is the true pleasure treasure you’re looking for.

And just like the map can’t prepare you for all the obstacles you’ll run into on the ground…

Finding your way to deep and lasting satisfaction, connection, and freedom requires you to actively explore this new territory…

And that means you’re going to run into new, unexpected obstacles and discoveries along the way.

This is a GOOD thing!

It’s all information…

Because that’s how you get to know, understand, and master the path to deeply understanding and owning your pleasure.

But these obstacles and challenges can often be VERY difficult to deal with, or even recognize on your own.

And while working through these challenges is how you master the pleasure map of your own body…

So you can find and remove hidden blocks, shadows, and cultural conditioning that can hold you back or get in the way of your pleasure without you realizing…

It’s easy to get stuck, and shut out of the deeper understanding, connection, and pleasure you need.

Because every Blueprint Type has entirely different words, thoughts and touches (or lack of touches) that turn them on…

Did you know that each Blueprint wants to be spoken to, seduced and aroused differently?

Within your Type, based on your unique Erotic Blueprint Stack, you will have your own personal preferences…

… much like you can play an instrument in nearly endless different styles or genres.

That’s why, while knowing your Blueprint Type can point you in the right direction and help you shortcut your journey to new pleasure and connection…

It can still be easy to get lost when we’re trying to explore and fill in all the details of your complete, Core Erotic Blueprint (your unique map to pleasure) alone!

Like we said a minute ago - It’s just like learning an instrument…

Before I discovered the Erotic Blueprints, I had spent over a decade “chasing climax” and wanting it SO bad. I was not experiencing orgasm, felt like I was missing out, and had a lot of shame around sex and intimacy.

Then, I enrolled in the program, got support, and everything changed!

Now, I am orgasmic almost all day every day, I can tap into the energy at any moment, I am now climaxing during sexual stimulation, and I am unabashed in my eroticism and grounded and confident in who I am in every day life too. It’s amazing – what I thought was impossible for me is now my reality and then some!!!

Monica Jayne

And like instruments, there are 5 major Blueprint types or “classes”.

Instead of woodwinds, strings, percussion, brass, and keyboards…

… we have the Energetic, Sexual, Sensual, Kinky, and Shapeshifter Types™.

But just like with instruments…

There are many different variations of instruments within these broader categories!

A guitar and a violin have many things in common…

But different techniques are used to create the unique sounds each is capable of, even though both can technically be played with similar approaches.

If you had never seen a violin before…

Chances are you’d try to play it like most other stringed instruments – by plucking it.

You would get sounds out of it for sure, maybe even beautiful ones…

But you’d never know that its sweetest and most deliciously satisfying sounds are achieved when it’s played with a bow instead…

So you’d never experience what that Stratovarious violin is truly capable of.

And that’s exactly why so many of us have gone so long without ever hearing the true, satisfying melody of our pleasure.

It’s like we’re trying to play the piano with drum sticks..

… and getting more frustrated, hopeless, and desperate to hear (and feel) the music we’ve been desperate to hear our entire lives!

That’s exactly why having an expert guide is the secret to deeply satisfying success - way sooner.

When’s the last time you tried to learn an instrument…

… and how did it go?

If you’re like 90% of people who try to pick up what many consider the world’s sexiest instrument – the guitar – chances are it didn’t last very long.


There are many reasons…

But one of the biggest is that without any structured guidance from an actual teacher, you fail WAY more often than you have fun – which doesn’t leave you with a lot of motivation to keep going!

In short – you get stuck and don’t know how to keep progressing.

And that quickly becomes frustrating, disappointing, and overwhelming.

There is a lot of trial and error.

A lot of jarring squeaks and screeches when you don’t quite get it right.

And on top of that…

You don’t even know what you don’t know!

Which means spending all your time going around in circles without actually getting anywhere new…

… because you can’t see the blocks and obstacles that are keeping you stuck!

So without anyone to keep you accountable, on track, and help you learn in a way that puts pleasure first…

So that learning is ENJOYABLE even when it’s imperfect…

While identifying your unique blocks, struggles, and obstacles so you don’t stay stuck …

… and giving you personalized suggestions, advice, and techniques to overcome these challenges.

You’re likely to give up.

And that’s exactly what learning and exploring your Blueprint, your erotic instrument, can be like, if you do it alone.

But when the instrument is your body…

With all the hidden “shadows” of judgement, expectation, and disappointment it’s already carrying…

And when you’re already in desperate need of nourishment after going without it for so long…

There’s even MORE pressure to get this right…

… and more obstacles in your path.

So while it is absolutely possible to teach yourself…

Your chances of becoming a virtuoso who masters not only your own pleasure instrument…

But who can create harmonies with an entire orchestra of possibilities…

… are much lower when you go it alone.

And after years spent struggling and missing out on everything your unique pleasure instrument has to offer…

The last thing you want is more frustrating trial and error standing between you and the limitless pleasure possibilities you’re so close to finally achieving!

Don’t you think you’ve already waited long enough?

Spent enough years (or decades) going unsatisfied and starving for the masterful touch you crave?

We think so.

We KNOW you deserve to experience all the pleasure available to you, as soon as possible.

So we want to make sure you don’t need to spend more months and years struggling to learn this new instrument on your own.

Instead, why not…

Let us personally show you the shortcuts, secrets, and strategies you need to Master your Core Erotic Blueprint…

(And have FUN doing it!)

We know how difficult this can be, because it’s exactly what we had to do.

As the Founders of the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™…

We had no choice but to figure things out on our own – there was no one to teach us!

Because even after struggling for years to reignite our connection and passion in the bedroom…

Trying all of the techniques and tactics in our expert sex coaching toolbox…

And putting 2 bestselling books plus over 15 years worth of expertise into action…

… we STILL couldn’t seem to recover the passion, pleasure, and connection we had felt when we were new lovers. And we felt like we were literally starving for it.

That’s right – even with all of a sex expert’s knowledge, tools, and tricks at our disposal, our sex life had fizzled out and was close to taking our partnership with it!

It felt like our entire world…

Everything we knew as professionals AND as partners…

Was crumbling in our hands.

So we definitely understand that frustration, fear, and deep loneliness you’ve been experiencing…

Whether you’re in a relationship or not…

Because, this experience is a big part of what led us to discover the power of the Blueprints.

It was such a HUGE relief…

They explained everything…

Including why sex coaching and programs as we knew them had failed us…

And why it was so hit or miss for clients all over the world too.

The only problem was…

Now we had to learn how to play entirely new instruments from scratch…

And then learn how to harmonize with each other…

… all on our own!

So we spent years figuring out how to do this – working with these Blueprints on ourselves and with thousands of clients…

… so that you don’t have to.

Instead, we want to invite you to leverage all the years, tears, and effort we’ve already spent…

Working directly with thousands of different bodies in each Blueprint Type…

To help them discover their complete Core Erotic Blueprint™:

We tested and perfected our understanding of the entire erotic spectrum of possibilities available to all of us as we experimented and explored, so there’s…

No more guessing.

No more frustrating trial and error.

No more disconnection and awkwardness at the worst possible times.

That’s what we want to personally help you achieve TODAY.

So you can finally claim the birthright you’ve been denied all this time...

Because Pleasure Is Your Birthright.

You are worthy and deserving of it – always.

It’s NOT something you ever need to feel ashamed of, or guilty for feeling and desiring.

In fact, it’s critical for your health and fulfillment in ALL areas of life.

We know this because…

Your body was BUILT for it.

Just like pain, pleasure is an incredibly valuable and important tool that guides you toward fulfillment, health, and satisfaction…

And if you’ve been feeling stuck, starved, or disconnected in your relationships and life….

It’s likely because you’ve been taught to ignore or suppress pleasure and all the essential information it provides!

Because, while pain shows you what NOT to do and what isn’t safe or right for you…

It’s PLEASURE that gives you direction forward, showing you where to go and what to do MORE of.

So we can purposefully, passionately move toward our goals…

… instead of just running away from what hurts.

That’s why we’ll SHOW you how to safely & healthily prioritize pleasure, put it FIRST, and experience new breakthroughs like these…

To reawaken your body to this experience again, so you’ll be more sensitive to the direction pleasure can give you…

And start experiencing new breakthroughs, sensations, and confidence just like these clients have done:

“New dynamics inside and outside of the bedroom are creating increased connection, trust and satisfaction.”

“I have the adventure of living my desires, having an exciting erotic life of getting my needs met. I have the life of my dreams.”

“I feel more empowered to be who I am and the work that I’ve done around sex has had a positive ripple effect in all aspects of my life.”

“I discovered a whole side of myself that I never knew existed… not only did my arousal increase but my feelings of unworthiness dissipated! I began to love myself.”

“I have all that I need to be deeply fulfilled and satisfied. I am exploring in ways I haven’t before with a new confidence and ability to freely express who I want to be.”

“It’s changed my whole life. I know what I need now, I can communicate that to my partner. I’m so fed.”

“Learning the BP’s are allowing me to bloom into my fullest self in my everyday life as well as in the bedroom.”

“The blueprints gave me a level of nonjudgement and acceptance that I’m not sure I could have accessed any other way.”

… while getting the skills you need to sexually satisfy, connect, and communicate with ANY Blueprint type - whether yours or a lover’s.

“I was starving in both energetic and kinky blueprints. Feeling edgy, frustrated, desperate at times. Asking my partner to meet my needs, and feeling ashamed and embarrassed when he tried, but it was awkward and unfulfilling. I was ready to give up. But giving up on this part of our sex life was also giving up on myself.

I was carrying shame and guilt in my body – and acted out in anger and blame.

My turning point was taking Jaiya’s quiz – and finally understanding and accepting all those parts of myself – and being able to talk to my partner about it. It was a light bulb moment – realizing that I’m wired this way, that I need it, and that I’m ok! And that it’s possible to have my needs met. I wasn’t weird or wrong for wanting it all.

Speaking my partner’s language, being able to ask for exactly what I wanted, asking to feed my kinky BP, while also feeding his sexual – made such a huge difference for us.

I can now say that ALL of my fantasies came true, and all of my needs are met. I am no longer starving. I am in love even more now than before, I feel deeply understood and met by my partner, and I know I’ve got the tools and the skills to ask for everything I want.

I can’t wait to see what else we can explore!”

Rovena Skye

Like we mentioned earlier, the Erotic Blueprints Types were discovered out of a desire to connect…

They were also discovered during thousands of hours of one-on-one work with my VIP clients and witnessing repeating patterns of arousal and non-arousal.

What worked for one client flatlined another.

The Blueprints were the ONLY way we found to successfully bridge the painful gulf of disconnection and misunderstanding in our partnership that was leaving us both hurt and frustrated.

They were the magic pill that helped me bridge the ‘mismatch gap’ for hundreds, now thousands, of clients who loved their partners deeply but couldn’t connect physically and had lost the passion in their relationships.

Because while there are plenty of sex positive communities that promised to bridge this gap…

… they actually disconnect us, defining us by just ONE of the ways we can access pleasure, and cutting us off from the rest rather than showing us how to play together!

That’s why they weren’t giving us the connection and deep understanding we needed.

And why the Erotic Blueprints Types were discovered and specifically designed to facilitate CONNECTION through pleasure…

… even when those pleasure experiences are different (as they usually are!)

This means more connection to yourself, in a deep and unshakeable way…

But also to others.

If we’re thinking of our bodies as instruments…

It’s difficult to play with others in harmony if you don’t know how to play your own instrument.

But even when you do know your own instrument…

You need a common “language” to connect you with people who play different ones.

This is the magic of understanding the Erotic Blueprints…

Because like the notes, scales, and keys of music…

The Blueprints provide a common “language” that connects ALL pleasure experiences and erotic possibilities…

… bringing us together and making us BETTER for our differences.

Helping us EXPAND our pleasure possibilities and experiences, rather than separating us and keeping us limited to just one.

That way, instead of playing the same, single melody again and again until it’s tired and boring…

You can experience incredible new harmonies that you would never be able to enjoy on your own – like remixing or reimagining old songs!

This is how you become the ultimate lover…

For yourself and for others…

Harmonizing with ANY Blueprint Type in ways that are mutually pleasurable, rather than asking one person to sacrifice their pleasure for another…

… and unlock new heights of limitless pleasures you didn’t think were possible – again and again.

We can show you how to unlock and experience ALL of this in as little as 8 weeks, inside...

The Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ Course

Say goodbye to bland, boring, one-note sex...

And find the hidden symphony of endless erotic possibilities waiting in your body right now, for as little as $99 down today.

It’s all inside the most comprehensive sexual pleasure, wellness, and health program available, and the only one built using the unique Core Erotic Blueprints as a guiding framework.

Together, we will help you find the pleasure waiting, untapped, in your body right now…

Teaching you how to play your unique pleasure instrument and unlock your most satisfying pleasure possibilities…

While uncovering and releasing cultural programming, hidden blocks, and obstacles that not only stunt your pleasure…

… but block the deeper connection, confidence, and fulfillment we’ve all been collectively starving for.

So you can completely transform your confidence, satisfaction, and connections faster than you thought possible.

It is time to reclaim our birthright of pleasure and follow it back to a place of peace in ourselves, our bodies, our relationships, and our lives…
And finally understand our erotic selves deeply.

So we can know and own ALL of ourselves and step into free, full, and fearless self-expression.

The Short Story On How It Works...

We will SHOW you how to do this in the quickest and most effective way…

Using a series of pre-recorded video lessons, exercises, and conversations you can dive into at your own pace, whenever and wherever is most comfortable for you…

… including always tasteful, but educational video demonstrations (with NO explicit nudity or unnecessarily crude language) to show you how to follow the Erotic Blueprints to your bliss.

Through helping thousands of people just like you already…

We’ve created a proven and repeatable process that helps you cut straight to the pleasure you’ve been missing, skipping past frustrating trial and error…

Helping you deliciously determine the details of your unique pleasure instrument…

And teaching you fun, pleasurable techniques that help you learn to play it fast…

So you can start rebuilding your connection to your pleasure, your body, and yourself – immediately.

We’ll personally guide you through the discovery and deep understanding of your unique Core Erotic Blueprint…

Which goes beyond just identifying and embracing your Blueprint Type, and includes identifying which of the 4 major Obstacles may be blocking your path to pleasure even when you start exploring your Blueprint Type more…

… and which of the ‘5 Stages of Sexuality’ you’re currently experiencing, so we can give you the right tools for the season you’re in!

Plus we’ll show you how to translate your Blueprint into newfound pleasure in ALL areas of your life and own what turns you on, lights you up, and sets your senses on fire in a way that instills unshakeable confidence in yourself…

And how to confidently and fearlessly communicate what you discover to the people you’re looking to share pleasure with…

This will change the game for you both inside AND outside the bedroom…

… as you begin to understand how to use pleasure to identify what works for you and what doesn’t, set boundaries, and create spaces of connection and acceptance for ALL your loved ones.

But that’s just the start.

Once we’ve helped you discover and own YOUR pleasure, independently of any partner, whether you have one or not…

We’ll take this even deeper and teach you how to use the Erotic Blueprints to better understand and communicate with everyone in your life…

Including how to determine anyone’s Blueprint in a single evening…

And how to speak the languages of other Blueprints, so you can create bridges, connection, and shared, mutual pleasure that doesn’t require ANYONE to compromise their own satisfaction or needs.

Instead, you’ll gain the skills you need to give and receive pleasure in EVERY Blueprint…

… enjoying new types of pleasure and pleasure experiences you didn’t know were possible.

And lastly, we’ll show you how to do ALL of this faster and more effectively by finding, soothing, and releasing your unique, hidden “pleasure brakes”…

The spectre of hidden Shadows, judgement, cultural conditioning, and/or deeply rooted hidden shames that keep you from asking for and receiving the pleasure you crave…

… or fully enjoying it, free from feelings of judgement, criticism, or shame you may not realize are keeping you limited and starving.

Discover all the juicy details about this guided pleasure transformation below...

Including how to start your own Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough with us today to enjoy more pleasure, satisfaction, and connection in your life as soon as tonight…
… and total transformation of your erotic – and entire – life in as little as 8 weeks.

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Inside The Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough You’ll...

Discover a truly inclusive, healthy Erotic Education that fills in the many missing gaps, to create safety for ALL sexual needs and desires...

Be honest for a second — probably more than you’ve ever been

Sex isn’t always as easy as the media and society makes it seem…

Sex education in our culture is terrible. It is often wrong and can even be harmful.

And what about pleasure education?

It doesn’t exist. The best we get is “5 Tips for Orgasmic Oral” at the checkout stand.

And if that sex technique doesn’t work for your Blueprint Type, you’re out of luck.

Did you get an awesome sex and pleasure education?

If you’re like most every person we meet, your honest answer is “NO!”

Because there hasn’t been any repeatable system, or comprehensive education available to help you take ownership of your sexuality, and uncover exactly what makes you tick.

So what are you supposed to do?

Well, that’s where The Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ comes in. We’re the ONLY sexuality framework that covers the entire range of erotic possibilities.

The Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course is designed to give you the deeply satisfying, healthy, and safe personal sex education you’ve been missing…

… so you can master your pleasure instrument, and start exploring new, deliciously decadent harmonies with lovers too.

All while finally getting your natural needs met so you can live life more confident, fulfilled, and full of joy.

Because your eroticism is dynamic, complex and goes through changes (over the years and sometimes daily)…

And knowing your Primary Blueprint Type is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg…

You can access the entire erotic spectrum too – if you let us show you how.

So you can acquire the skills to navigate any and all erotic possibilities, even as your eroticism evolves and changes over time….

And create opportunities for new, limitless, and unique pleasure experiences – partnered or not.

With this 360-degree lens, we empower people just like you

The result? Sexually vital, turned on and satisfied clients who truly own their sexuality.

This means grounded, unshakeable confidence in yourself.

Full and fearless self-expression that helps you achieve truly confident body ownership as you enjoy the gift of pleasure your body gives you every day…

And true satisfaction that puts the sizzle back into sex…

… while electrifying deep connections so they last – less all the struggle.

Energetic, sexual, sensual, kinky, your consensual preferences, needs, and wants deserve to be fulfilled — no matter what they might be.

Optimize your (sexual) health, wellness, & vitality by exploring and restoring your natural path to pleasure.

All of us deserve to understand our individual turn-ons and turn-offs. We should be able to express our wants and needs and experience pleasure beyond our wildest dreams. When we don’t, we open the door to emotional repression and stress that manifests in our bodies – often as illness and injury.

It’s time to reclaim the healthy relief and release of natural pleasure that we’ve been missing – and unlock truly holistic health and longevity.

You ― seen, accepted, and supported

The issue with other sexual health-oriented communities and courses is that they typically only cover one aspect of sexual expression. It’s always either tantra, kink, open relationships, or porn.

But The Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough focuses on your entire, unique, erotic personality. Your full range of consensual desires is all encouraged and celebrated here.

So you become deeply fed, safely getting ALL your needs met.

Your relationship ― stronger than ever

There’s a giant myth that some people are just sexually incompatible.

But that’s NOT true.

We’re not sexually incompatible – we just haven’t learned how to speak each other’s languages of sexual fulfillment yet. We haven’t learned to create those harmonies by mastering our own instrument and learning our lover’s instrument.

This myth can keep you from achieving happiness and fulfillment within your relationship. Did you buy the fairy tale story that, if you love each other, sex should naturally be full of spontaneity and passion for the rest of your life? That unless you want and need the exact same things as your lover, you’re doomed to fail?

Let’s bust that debilitating myth!

We’re here to help you bridge the “sexual incompatibility” gap, end misunderstandings, and find the common ground of blissful intimacy and sexual satisfaction.

The Erotic Blueprints provide a common language that connects all erotic possibilities…

Allowing all of us to expand and experience MORE pleasure together…

… as you find ways to play that feed BOTH your Blueprints, while opening the door to new pleasure experiences you didn’t realize were possible.

This is similar to learning a partner’s love language…

And just as important for your health, wellness, and satisfaction – solo or partnered.

No more compromises that leave everyone less than full…

Just deeper, truly intimate connections and MORE pleasure for all.

Your sex life ― free of ineffective sex techniques

Anyone can pick up a magazine at the grocery check out or a book on the Kama Sutra to learn a new technique or position. But what if that technique doesn’t work for you or your partner?

What if those techniques are one big FAIL?

No worries.

The Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough covers all sexual styles, desires, and needs based on a person’s Blueprint Type.

So whatever your partner desires, whatever truly turns you on, it’s all easily discoverable through processes and sexy games that are almost as much fun as sex itself.

We give you our personal treasure trove of simple, proven, and PLAYFUL tools and games to discover EXACTLY what turns you on, lights you up, and makes your senses sing with orgasmic ecstasy…

… without all the frustrating trial and error or partnered awkwardness.

These tools and techniques don’t expire or tire with the changing seasons or years because they’re built to help you explore deeper with every use.

There is always more to discover…

What people are saying about Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough...

“I felt like I was living in a shadow of shame… Then I found the Blueprints… Finally, I found a language that described me and who I was at my core. They gave me the freedom to be me. There is no more shame! I embrace me!”

— Coryelle
“I thought I knew everything there was to know… But I felt like something was missing. I was longing for more. I was dying inside… I actually felt broken inside. This program showed me that there was nothing wrong with me. There were people out there experiencing what I was experiencing. I found out who I am… I felt every part of my being come even more alive than I even imagined was possible. It’s been a very sexy exploration!”

— Suzanne Raja

“I’m 55 years old… a widow of 7 years… How does this apply to me? A course on Eroticism! It’s given me a map… about me. The erotic me. The Sexual me, The Sensual, Energetic me. This has taught me so much about how to tap into what turns me on. What turns me on is all around me all the time. I get to be in touch with my body and my sexuality now, and it makes me feel alive!!”

— Karen Ember Stone

Does this sound like you?


You’re bored and ready for excitement

Has there come a time for you when life has gotten stale?

It’s not that you’re necessarily unhappy or ungrateful. You’re just bored. You crave the adventure, deep connections, and intimacy you used to experience. Or the intimacy and satisfaction you’ve always heard about but have never experienced.

We’ll help you reclaim your power and unapologetically get what you desire from your intimate encounters, by exploring new erotic possibilities you never knew existed.


You’ve lost sight of what matters

Sex can change dramatically throughout your lifetime.

Eventually, adventure and excitement may fade.

They don’t have to!

You deserve pleasure and passion and you can have them for a lifetime.

Have you taken on other people’s agenda for your life? Taking on their beliefs and abandoning your true self.

Your erotic energy is your creative energy. Tap into your pleasure and reignite that primal connection that gives you confidence, fulfillment and clarity.

We’ll show you how!


You’re ready to be yourself, fully

Not everyone wants the same things.

Your ideal sex life is not the same as someone else’s. Society’s stereotypes of sexual identity and expression probably mean little to you ― and rightfully so.

So we’ll teach you how to unleash your true desires without shame.

You’ll finally stop caring about what other people think, and start leading an honest, fulfilling sex life that makes you feel good…

In AND out of the bedroom!

Discover what ignites your orgasmic engine by understanding your complete Core Erotic Blueprint...

Identify Which Obstacles Are Blocking Your Pleasure...

Just like when you’re learning an instrument…

Your hand size, lung capacity, or even just whether you’re naturally shy or get “stage fright”…

… can all create obstacles in the way of your mastery.

And these types of common obstacles exist when learning our pleasure instruments too!

Did you know there are 4 specific, major obstacles that could be keeping you stuck and locked out of the pleasure you’re craving?

One or more of these obstacles may be putting the brakes on your pleasure, no matter what techniques or tools you try and how aligned they may be to your Blueprint Type!

Your physical health, your emotional health, your hormonal health and your energetic health may be completely interruping your ability to connect to pleasure and orgasm.

Do you know how to be your own Sex Detective?

Do you know how to turn these potential obstacles to your pleasure into pathways to pleasure?

These types of common, universal obstacles can often block our pleasure and make us think we’re on the wrong path – even when we aren’t!

So we’ll show you how to turn each of these pleasure killers into new pathways to sexual vitality, connection, and pleasure.

Like releasing an emergency brake you didn’t realize was on, and suddenly experiencing smooth, fast, and effortless acceleration for the first time…

… discovering which of these obstacles you may be facing, and removing them with our guidance, can unleash an exciting rush of new pleasure and personal understanding.

We’ll give you the skills to ask the right questions and find the source of your challenges when it comes to your physical, emotional, hormonal and energetic health.

These newfound detective skills will empower you to get the help that will truly make a difference.

The 4 Obstacles or Pathways to Sexual Health and Pleasure are the second piece of your ‘Core Erotic Blueprint’ that needs to be discovered.

Which leaves the third, pivotoal piece…

Understand Which of the ‘5 Stages of Sexuality’ You’re In...

Just like the different seasons of weather…

We experience different seasons, or stages, of sexuality over time.

So just as we dress differently for different weather…

The techniques you use to find your pleasure change depending on which “season” of sexuality you’re experiencing…

… and your pleasure instrument will need different types of care, touch, and attention to stay healthy and “in tune”.

We’ll show you how to identify which stage you’re in at any given time (since we can experience all 5 stages in a single day, or spend years at a time in just one)…

And which techniques, tools, and care work best in that stage for your blueprint…

… so you’re always prepared to fully enjoy the unique gifts and pleasure possibilities of each one safely.

That way no matter which of the 5 natural stages of sexuality you’re in…

And how the seasons may change…

You’ll have tested and proven techniques to help you find yourself, your pleasure, and your path to lasting sexual fulfillment, satisfaction, and connection – for life!

Because feeling sexy in your own skin isn’t just pleasurable - it’s a critical aspect of physical AND mental health.

Sex is essential to your health, vitality, and well-being

It’s about more than trivial pleasure…

Sexual satisfaction increases connection and bonding with yourself, with your partner, and keeps important, happiness and resilience hormones pumping at full strength.

This fills your cup, keeps you resourced and helps you actually feel alive, healthy, vital each day.

Even better, sex 3x per week is shown to help you live longer…

… after all, it’s one of the only constantly accessible, free ways we can ALWAYS access to release stress and naturally soothe our nervous systems.

And stress is at the root of our most insidious, dangerous, and difficult to treat health problems!

So whether you’re bored, confused, lost, surpressed, or misrepresented, this comprehensive program can help you claim your desires and unlock healthy, erotic ecstasy.

But don’t be fooled: we won’t just touch base on sexual techniques.

This goes beyond the positions and techniques. Instead, we’re going to dive deep into the different sexual styles out there and pinpoint the exact things that make you and your partner(s) excited- for maximum relief and pleasure…

… so you can experience the healthy processing and release of stress that would otherwise be stored in your body, feeding unnecessary illness and injuries – both physical and mental.

Stoke the fire and experience your ultimate sexual fulfillment

Jaiya’s more than 25 years of experience as a Somatic Sexologist has given us a broad understanding of the physiology of arousal, the psychology of attraction, the biology of sexual health and vitality.

And after years of working one-on-one with hundreds of VIP clients, teaching large group workshops and conducting clinical research, it became clear that there’s a framework behind deep sexual satisfaction.

Everyone has a unique Erotic Blueprint. So if you’re ready to uncover your map to ecstasy, it’s time to experience your very own Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough.

Unapologetic Sexual Fulfillment in 3 steps

Step #1:

Figure out what excites you, and what doesn’t

Before you can understand your partner(s), you need to understand yourself.

Our first goal is to help you figure out what turns YOU on and off.

This immersive program will guide you, step-by-step with easy and fun practices to help you discover what truly brings you pleasure.

Not only that, we can teach you how to communicate those desires to your partner(s), so you can get the sexual satisfaction that you crave.

Step #2:

Confidently give your lover(s) tantalizing, orgasmic pleasure

Once you know yourself, it’s time to become the ultimate lover.

We’ll show you how to conscientiously play with all that’s erotically possibile. Blueprint By Blueprint, we give you the keys to the orgasmic palace. Once you’ve indulged in this training, you’ll have the erotic intelligence and sexual skills to thrill your lover(s).

Step #3:

Break free from societal pressures, inherited beliefs, and shame

To realize your true sexual potential, you have to let go of society’s restrictions.

Shed cultural beliefs, inherited sexual shame, boundary violations, and embarrassing sexual encounters by bringing these shadows into the light.

We help you do this using groundbreaking strategies clinically proven to help identify and process your shadows in a healthy way…

… without ever pushing you to go too hard and fast. We help you press against these edges at the pace that works for you, with the support you need to find pleasure and release on the other side.

Ready to explore your eroticism and take charge of your sexuality?

Then it’s time to shatter shame, stereotypes, and body expectations. Let’s figure out what you want and how you can get it.

Here’s why people love The Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough

“It just changed everything! I woke up. I was starving before that. I felt like everyone was at the banquet, and I was squished up against the windowpane, just dying of hunger. Through the Blueprints, I found out that I’m a Shapeshifter. I need everything. I need more. And that’s what I have now. It’s so much abundance… It’s about pleasure, and it’s real.”

— Anne More
“We have this common language of what our Blueprints are feeling day to day, and we can meet each other that way. So sex becomes this fun playground for us now.”

— Sabrina and Genevieve
“Our compatibility has gone through the roof…how to be pleased. How to ask to be sexually pleased. How to please you (your partner) sexually. How to experience not only the orgasms we were already having and the ecstatic pleasure that we were already living, but now to have it magnify and multiply and go to whole new levels. It feels like we’re starting our relationship again!“

— Satyen and Suzanne Raja
But keep this in mind:

The Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough accepts and welcomes ALL erotic realities, personalities, and possibilities…

But it is NOT for everyone.

Trauma therapy is not covered in this program

We do not pretend to be trauma therapists. Therapy in this area is highly specialized and requires intensive attention and specialization. So, if you’ve experienced sexual trauma, harassment, extreme repression, or otherwise have trouble defining clear sexual boundaries, we strongly suggest pursuing another avenue to resolve underlying triggers or emotions that may be keeping you from sexual satisfaction.

However, taking this training and being part of our sex-positive and informed community has led to a profound healing for many of our clients.

The Sexual Shadows that create disconnection, inhibit full sexual expression and block your empowerment, can be cleared.

This is because we can help you discover where your hidden blocks and traumas may be through our careful, guided exploration – shining on a light on Shadows you may never have noticed otherwise, so you can begin to see which are yours and which have been pushed on you by others, which unnecessarily limit your pleasure.

Professional and licensed help can then take you further to heal and release what is yours to process, remove the brakes on your full erotic awakening.

If you know you have serious trauma relating to your sexuality and pleasure – we strongly advise you start working with a trauma therapist, either FIRST or in tandem with your work in this program…

… so that when you’re ready, you can experience your own Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough without risking triggers that derail your transformation.

Consent and Healthy Boundaries are absolutely essential for this program's success

If you are unwilling or unable to responsibly engage in consent discussions and honor boundaries, this community won’t be a good fit for you.

This program looks at consensual emotional and physical work, designed to help people discover who they are and what they enjoy. To achieve that, we all need to feel seen, accepted and safe. The ability to engage in consent conversations and to respect your own boundaries and the boundaries of others is the foundation of creating that safety.

Every member of our community commits to engaging with informed consent only. Anyone who doesn’t agree, or violates consent, is removed.

And we will demonstrate and teach you how to practice honoring consent within our community AND in your relationships.

There is no such thing as success without accountability

If you choose not to see the areas where you could improve, if you are not coachable, or if you always think others are the problem when things don’t go the way you want, this is not the program or community for you.

We encourage taking personal responsibility for where you are on your path. Whatever obstacles you face, you can overcome them. We are here to guide you toward success, but what you get out of this work is what you put into it. And we can’t help you if you aren’t ready, able or willing to look yourself squarely in the mirror to see truths and to receive our guidance.

By the end of the course, you’ll know which Erotic Blueprints apply to you and your partner(s), to which degrees. With this information, you’ll know what to work on and what to toss aside – as well as where you have the opportunity to expand into new pleasure possibilities…

Tap into a safe space where everyone is free to be themselves

Our comprehensive pleasure education is all about personalization.

You can go at your own pace and never cross your own boundaries as you dip your toe into these exciting waters.

Because when you join our community, you’re stepping into a virtual space where everyone is empathetic, supportive, and on a deep journey of sexual healing, exploration and expansion.

Our highly trained Erotic Blueprint Master Coaches™ are active members of our exclusive online community and they’re committed to providing you with world-class feedback and advice when needed – but only ever if you ask.

There is NO unsolicited advice or unwanted “insights” here. Just encouragement, support, and complete acceptance.

That gives you the Erotic Freedom you need to stop settling for sex that just “gets the job done,” but is barely more than mutual masturbation.

It’s time to leave your hangups at the door, open yourself to more, and let the passionate fire burn.

Ready to find yourself in ecstasy?

Sensory indulgence, heightened arousal, a life filled with passion, fulfillment, and satisfaction – it’s all possible with The Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough.

The Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course Step-by-Step...

Here’s EXACTLY how we help you fearlessly and fully unleash your true erotic essence to unlock the deepest pleasure, satisfaction, and connection possible…

You can forget boring coursework. Over 70 – 5 to15 minute video trainings are packed with interactive games and experiential tools to make sure you succeed (and have fun doing it).

Module 1:

Identify the road to success

(what we’ll cover and how you can put it into action)

They say the hardest step of anything is getting started. So, we make that step easy for you.

Right from the beginning, we set you up with practical practices and simple strategies to keep you on track, in pleasure and feeling supported.

With easy wins to speed up your erotic transformation, we’ll explore what empathy is and how it can help you succeed at getting your desires met and needs fulfilled for the rest of your life.

Module 2:

Understand the different Stages of Sexuality™

(so you can experience greater erotic fulfillment)

Human sexuality changes constantly based on external factors, internal changes, age, who your current partner is and individual growth. You might be into Tantra one year and Dominance and Submission the next.

We’ll reveal to you the 4 fundamental pathways that could enhance (or cripple) your sexual health and pleasure.

You’ll also discover the 5 different ‘Stages of Sexuality.’ Knowing and honoring what Stage you’re currently in frees you to ask for what you need, releases you from self-judgment and empowers you to relax into your natural sexuality.

Module 3:

Uncover your unique pleasure map

(so you’re never left wanting again)

You’re not going to uncover your hottest turn ons by reading words on a page.

Your body has the secrets to your ecstatic satisfaction.

We give you detailed, fun and easy practices to determine your own or someone else’s Blueprint delights!

Determine a lover’s Blueprint in the course of an evening…

Become an erotic detective when we give you secrets to observing and interviewing others, sleuthing your way to love making mastery.

These are the skills that will give you access to pleasure. Self-pleasure and pleasure with a lover. Once you master these skills, erotic superpowers are yours for a lifetime.

Module 4:

Master the art of total orgasmic fulfillment

(your cup runneth over when you learn to feed your desires)

Have you ever felt starved in your sexuality? Like our client Anne writes, “Resentful, and desperate, like my nose was pressed up against the glass and everyone else was inside having a great feast of awesome sex that I would never know”?

You know there’s more, but you have no idea how to get it, or give it?

You’re not broken!

You’ve simply never been given pleasure the way your body wants it.

Each Blueprint Type flirts and seduces differently. Each Blueprint Type experiences arousal, turn on, orgasmic delight and climaxes differently.

This module empowers you to get the touch you crave! AND have the confidence that you can satisfy any lover like never before.

BONUS: Watch our super hot “Feeding the Blueprints” video demonstrations. In these tastefully PG – nudity-free – demonstrations, you’ll witness solo-pleasure and partnered practices in every Erotic Blueprint Style, and develop the ability to make any lover come back for seconds (or stay for a lifetime).

Module 5:

Communicate your wants and needs

(attain the sexual fulfillment you deserve)

It’s tricky to express exactly what you need ― both in and out of bed.

If you’re not congruent with your physical expression, your energy doesn’t match your words, you lack presence and confidence when you’re with your lover, how effective do you think you’ll be in bed?

Perhaps personal experience has given you the answer to this question, and your answer is not good.

We’ve got the solution for you!

Did you know that each Blueprint Type has entirely different words that turn them on? Each Blueprint wants to be spoken to, seduced and aroused differently.

We’ll show you the exact words to use, how to use your tone of voice, whisper, email, or sext to hit exactly the right tone to drive your lover wild and get the results you crave.

Module 6:

Heal the past so you can enjoy the present

(what we’ll cover and how you can put it into action)

No amount of sexual positions, perfect communication, or erotic games can help you bypass your wounds.

If you want to enjoy sex on a whole new level, you have to heal unresolved demons leftover from your exes, boundary breaks, negative inherited beliefs, and on and on.

Take steps to overcome and break through physical, emotional, biochemical or energetic obstacles that hold you back.

Transform your biggest obstacles into your deepest pathways for pleasure, when you heal the Shadow side of your Blueprints.

Module 6 is often the most powerful part of this program for our clients.

BONUS: We also created simple, powerful meditations to help you let go of the past and access pleasure right here and now.

Module 7:

Experience erotic satisfaction you didn’t even know was possible

(what we’ll cover and how you can put it into action)

Knowing your Primary Blueprint is incredibly empowering, HOWEVER it also shows you where you’re limited.

The possibilities for experiencing pleasure are endless.

If you go to the bountiful buffet every night and you only ever eat the bland and tasteless oatmeal every time, you’re missing out.

Your self-pleasure probably consists of the same habitual pattern of “getting off.” Your personal pleasure gets stuck in a rut, that becomes a ditch, that becomes a grave.

And your partnered pleasure?

Same old, same old. Frustrating, dull and totally unfulfilling!

Another truth: your lover’s pleasure map is probably very different from yours. If you don’t know how to feed their desires, passion fades and connection dies.

Maybe your lover wants things that don’t turn you on. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you were authentically turned on by what your lover desires?

Expanding into the turn ons of all the Blueprint Types means you get to be turned on by everything, if you want.

It puts an end to performing for your lover. It makes you the ultimate lover, because you know how to find pleasure in all that’s erotically possible.

That’s what this module is all about.

Module 8:

Discover how to have hot sex for the rest of your life

(don’t settle ever again)

Having sex and unleashing your true orgasmic power are two very different things.

Most people simply have intercourse, maybe they climax (if they’re lucky) and then move on with the day (or night). But if you want to genuinely enjoy sex, if you want to become your own best lover in solo-play and you want to use eroticism to build a lasting, passionate connection with a life partner, then you need to aim higher.

Fortunately, when you take this training, you’ll be focusing on skills to create lasting passion, deep connection and sexual satisfaction.

In Module 8 couples learn what they need to keep things hot for a lifetime, and single folx learn the pleasure pathway to have an empowered and exciting sexual journey, with or without a partner.

Get these hot bonuses by enrolling today

Bonus #1: Value = Priceless!

Lifetime access to our exclusive online community, Erotic Freedom Club

(where everyone is accepted)

(NOTE: If you take the 10 month payment plan option, you get Lifetime Membership when all 10 payments are complete.)

Get ready for an insightful journey filled with healthy pleasure practices, empowering lessons, and orgasmic transformation.

My 25 years of experience as a somatic sexoligist, coaching thousands of clients, is at your fingertips.

With this bonus, you’ll:

Imagine how much you would need to invest to get this level and consistency of support???

Thousands of dollars on courses, trainings, workshops that almost always only speak to one aspect of sexuality (Tantra, Kink, Sex Techniques, Communication)…

Individual coaching for thousands of dollars, and counseling or therapy from folx who are often uninformed about sexuality or they may even be sex-negative and reinforce the judgement and shame you’re trying to shed.

As a Lifetime member of Erotic Freedom Club…

You’ve got sex experts at your fingertips month after month, trainings on every type of consensual sexual expression and a sex-positive and conscientious communitiy who is here to support your growth and expansion every step of the way.


Bonus #2: Value $197.00

Transform your love life with the ‘Adventure Date Success System’ Handbook and Video Trainings

(no more awkward, lifeless dinners and dates)

For Couples: Discover the secret to keeping the fire of hot passion and magnetic attraction burning bright, no matter how long you’ve been together.

For Singles: design mind-blowing, unforgettable dates that separate you from the pack. Warning: you may set the bar so high, no other suitor can compete.

Discover the art of “Adventure Dating!,”

With Adventure Dating you’ll master the art of the “Passion Trifecta”: Mystery, Obstacle and Novelty/Naughtiness to create anticipation and tease, lusty desire and intense erotic heat.

Use the Adventure Date Success System Handbook and video classes to take dating from mundane to magical.

Master Adventure Dating and you’ll have your next date or your long time lover full of that new relationship crave and unquenchable desire.

Bonus #3: Value $85.00

Get Your Cheat Sheet and Learn The Superpowers of Every Blueprint Type, So You Know How Each Blueprint Is Satisfied with All 5 Erotic Blueprint Special Reports

Sometimes you need a quick reference guide to give you the essentials. Each Blueprint Report gives you the vital information about each Erotic Blueprint Type. Quickly understand the Superpowers and Shadows of each Type, so you know what to do (and what not to do) to create turn-on and connection, ecstasy and orgasm.

Whether you’re looking to expand your personal erotic vocabulary or you want to quickly learn ways to please a lover of a different Blueprint Type, these reports give you a treasure trove of insights and actionable practices to help please every Type.

For Couples: These reports give you understanding of your lover’s needs, wants and desires, opening up communication and helping you to find common ground, where your “opposing” Blueprints can find pleasure and play.

For Singles: If you’re looking to expand and enjoy the pleasures of Blueprints that are not your Primary Type, these reports are a great cheat sheet to give you places to explore with your self-pleasure.
And if you’re dating, find out their Blueprint Type and use the reports to understand how you can honor their desires and drive them wild.

3 steps to sexual fulfillment...

1 life-changing program to achieve them all.

Know Your Pleasure

Discover who you are as an Erotic Being. What you enjoy and what you dislike, and how to communicate those things to your partner(s).

You’ll finally be able to communicate your needs and desires clearly and honestly. You’ll be able to explain the undeniable truth about your body.

Aside from improving your sex life, your relationships will deepen and become filled with mutual excitement and satisfaction.

Own Your Pleasure

Break free from everything society has ever taught you to enjoy in the bedroom. Let go of beliefs, opinions, and thoughts that aren’t true to who you really are.

This act alone is what will get you started on a journey of self-acceptance. One where you’ll finally feel comfortable being yourself.

You’ll be able to shamelessly play with your body, declare your boundaries, and create safe spaces to enjoy what feels good to you.

Live Your Pleasure

By equipping yourself with the full range of pleasure possibilities and erotic skills, you’ll finally be empowered enough to honor what you want and you’ll know how to get it.

Confident that you can satisfy your lover’s sexual interests and desires, you’ll become the ultimate lover.

And what’s more is, you’ll be able to navigate your physical, hormonal, and emotional challenges. Because you’ll be your own sex detective.

You’ll be empowered to Know, Own, and Live your pleasure!

Experience Your Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Now For as little as $99 today.

You have questions, we have answers

Yes, yes and yes!  Being erotically alive and connected has nothing to do with being in a relationship with a partner or lover.  We believe each individual sets their own table for sexual satisfaction, whether single or in a partnership.  You can have sexual satisfaction in solo practice.  You can tune your erotic instrument and play yourself into a lather of ecstatic delights. 


And if you are seeking to be in a relationship, learning what turns you on will set you up to get your needs met when you do attract that amazing new lover.  Mastering the skills of feeding each Erotic Blueprint Type™ will turn you into a Sexy Superhero.  You can confidently enter into erotic play with a new lover(s), be certain to get your needs met and blow them away with your otherworldly ability to feed their deepest desires.  In fact, Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ Course is some of the best training to attract your ideal lover and craft a relationship with irresistible magnetic attraction for a lifetime.


First of all, no one outside of you can meet your sexual needs unless YOU know what those needs are. This immersive mentorship style program gives you all the tools you need to uncover the full menu of what really turns you on (and turns you off).  Get the permission to claim your consensual pleasure and live your pleasure!  


8 in-depth modules with over 70 easy to digest and actionable video trainings take you on a journey of sexual awakening and empowerment, transforming your life, not just your sex life, but your entire relationship to sexual health and pleasure.


You’ll get in touch with your own body, learn how to talk openly about the things you want, and develop the skills needed to entice and invite your lover(s) to give you the pleasure you crave.

You’d be surprised how untrue that belief is. Most people in their 30s and beyond place sexual exploration and excitement on the backburner. Life becomes more about work, duties, and to-do lists.


The statistics show that most people are not living sexully fulfiling lives.


The only thing that will turn this sad reality around is when people like you decide to claim their pleasure and learn what it takes to experience deeply fulfilling intimacy and sexual satisfaction.

No matter what you find “hot” or stimulating, we promise you: we’ve seen it all. You’re welcome here, and yes, you are normal. 

Unfortunately, society has a way of making people feel weird if they aren’t into the standard, vanilla perception of sex portrayed in the media. 

But sex isn’t one size fits all ― and people aren’t either. One person’s worst nightmare is someone else’s ultimate fantasy. We’re not here to judge. We’re just here to help people accept themselves, celebrate their uniqueness, and embrace consensual crafted and fulfilling sex lives.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Consent is at the foundation of our work!  In our world you must have or develop skills to honor the boundaries of others and the awareness to know your own, so you can clearly declare your “Hell Yes!” and “Hell No!” in all areas of life, especially when it comes to sex and intimacy.

There are many ways to live out taboo fantasies.  What we do not accept in our community is when you live out your desires in non-consensual ways that cause harm to others.  That does NOT fly in our community.

Unlike so many online courses, we deliver 8 in-depth modules educating you with somatic, visual teachings about all things sex-related from a deeply researched, professional angle. Our trained coaches, and our meticulously studied and tested Blueprint Methodology is truly unique and revolutionary in the world sex education.  

This program takes you on a step-by-step journey to understand your entire, 360 degree eroticism.  You get powerful, brief video lessons that give you fun practices you can put to use right away.

You experience quick wins that show up what’s possible and we give you easy to apply practices so you always have something to explore.  And you can explore it all at your own level of comfort.

Single folx and Couples have different needs, and we give everyone ways to apply these lessons every step of the way. 

This information and these practices, paired with your lifetime membership, that you get once you’ve made all payments to be paid in full, are delivered in an accepting, open-minded, sex-positive community, which creates the perfect virtual environment for people to learn ALL about sex, pleasure, and intimacy ― not just one little part of it.

You can purchase a partner’s membership at a special price.  Simply follow the links at check out.  You can enroll your partner for full membership for a lower tuition.  We change this pricing from time to time.

The only thing we require is that you say “Yes” to our community rules when you join the group and we really want you to say “Hi” in an introductory post.  


We believe you will find the courage to lift the lid of your sexy life and share with us over time, but you are not required to make posts or to ask questions during the group coaching calls.  You can get a lot of transformation by being a sexy fly on the wall, if that’s how you need to participate

Once your membership is paid in full, the Course is yours to keep for life.  

We deliver the course online and, once you’re a LIFETIME MEMBER, you always have access to al the modules inside of Erotic Freedom Club.

While you are taking Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ Course you will be part of Erotic Freedom Club. The classes, Coaching sessions, bonuses and special treats that are part of Erotic Freedom Club are only available to active members of the club. 

Short answer: Everything that is part of Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course is yours for life to use and review at your leisure once you have paid in full for your membership. Enjoy 😉

For those who choose the Payment Plan:  If you take the payment plan option and do not complete your payments, you will lose access to the course and there will be no refund for the monthly payments you have made while you have been a member.

Your Credit Card statement will say “Jaiya, Inc.” for the charges for this program.

If you choose the payment plan option, you will be billed every 30 days for your next payment.

If your credit card number changes or you need to change your payment method for any reason, it is your responsibility to update our records.

There is a 72 hour cancellation period from when you first enroll.

You will not be refunded for any monthly payments made towards your tuition.  Essentially each month you make your payment you continue to have access for that month.

Once your payments are complete and you have paid in full, you get LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP and, unless you do not keep the community agreements, you will enjoy membership for life.

Yay!!!  Lifetime membership!

By default we wouldn’t be able to sell ANYTHING online without having an SSL Certificate (allows for a secure connection from web server to a browser), on top of that we are PCI DSS Compliant (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), which is another level of security we were required to comply with in order to use our Payment Gateway online.  You are in very good hands!


Although the material for the course is completely pre-recorded and intended to be a self paced program, there are many live aspects of dynamic and interactive support! It’s not just online learning…

By subscribing to the course you also receive membership to Erotic Freedom Club, our exclusive online, sex-positive community filled with like minded, supportive seekers and many of our Erotic Blueprint Coaches™ ready to support and serve.

In Erotic Freedom Club you get:

  • Monthly Pleasure Mastery Group Coaching Calls: These calls are your access to one-on- one coaching to bust the blocks that stand in the way of your pleasure. Our Master Level Blueprint Coaches are available to you during this call for one-on-one coaching.  These calls attract a lot of members, so you should come prepared with your questions and raise your hand at the beginning of class.
  • Monthly S£x Tips Tools and Tricks group calls: This call gives you all the sex techniques, games, strategies and pleasure practices to support your Erotic expansion exactly where you are here and now. We’ll brainstorm s£x life challenges, Sexy Sex Labs and Adventure Dates to supercharge your sex life
  • Plus you get a ton of additional bonuses and trainings.

Many people in our community are transformed by the reality of being surrounded by so many sex positive peers and come away with life long friendships.

The course begins as soon as you are a “Hell Yes!”. The course materials are available to you directly after subscribing  – it can take up to 72 hours to get you into Erotic Freedom Club.  Please follow ALL the steps that we send to you in emails after you have joined the course.

All you need to do is enroll, follow the emailed instructions and get into Erotic Freedom Club!!  

Then we ask that you create your profile in the Club and then dive right in to Module One of the Course.

This program is designed for self-paced learning, so you can go as fast or as slow as you need. It is intended to be taken no quicker than one module per week over the course of 8 weeks so you have a chance to allow the lessons to really sink in and for pleasure to fully integrate into your life.

We estimate you will need to set aside around 2.5-3 hours per module.

We have broken each of the 8 modules into several, short classes (5 to 15 minutes each) with fun and playful action steps along the way.

Our time estimate is only regarding the time you will need in order to watch the recorded material and complete the work booklet. 

The ideal way to take this course is by expanding into more pleasure throughout your entire life. So, the real answer is 24/7! Opening to greater connection and pleasure throughout your daily experience.

This is not a course, it is a way of life, if you choose it.

Since we do offer lifetime access to the course we have not made the videos available for download. 

As a member of the Club, you can revisit the course material whenever you want without having to search through your old computer files to find it. 

You will also be notified if at any point the course materials are updated or enhanced in any way. The worksheets, however, are available for download.

Once you become a LIFETIME MEMBER you have lifetime access to the course through Erotic Freedom Club.

If you choose the pay-in-full option, you automatically get Lifetime Membership to Erotic Freedom Club

If you choose the payment plan option, you get Lifetime Membership after you final payment is complete.

The tuition offered to you is for a single membership. 

By upgrading your membership to include your partner, you both receive access to Erotic Freedom Club and ALL of its benefits.

You each have your own access login. You both get to create your personalized profiles and express your individuality within the community, as well as join the live calls on your own.

We have a strong container of consent and only those who have become a member of £rotic Freedom Club can get all the benefits of the course and the community. 

In order to maintain this container we need to know who is a part of our community. By choosing to enroll your partner in the program, they will become a full participant in the community, and will then be permitted to engage in the course materials as well as be on the calls for Pleasure Mastery or Sex Tips, Tools and Tricks.

Not at all. 

We’re just a group of people who love to talk and learn about sex. We have professional, highly trained coaches that give advice and feedback no matter what your sexual journey looks like (whether you’re monogamous or polyamorous, straight, gay, bi, queer or anyplace else on the spectrum, you have a home here.)  

As long as you’re committed to conscientious, consensual and empowered sexuality, you’ll be in the right place.

The Erotic Blueprints are based on over 25 years of Somatic Sexological study, working with thousands of clients, including clinical study and research. 

The purpose of this course is to free you from anything that blocks you from getting the consensual pleasure that you deserve.  We give you the information, skills and pleasure education to experience the deep intimate connection you desire and pleasures you never even knew were possible. And we honor your boundaries all along the path.

Not to worry! 

We schedule our live calls for different times each month so that wherever you are in the world, there will be a call that you will be able to make at some point. Plus, we record the Sex Tips, Tools and Tricks calls and post them for review online in Erotic Freedom Club.

We do not record the Pleasure Mastery calls, because these calls are designed to dive into the deeper, more challenging material that arises, so we can coach people through their challenges.  We believe these calls should create as much safety as we can and to be as confidential as we can make them.

We need you!!

The Blueprint Breakthrough, Inc. has a personal and professional goal of evolving our framework, language and sentiments to be progressively inclusive for all types of folx. We are actively working on this and had a diversity specialist on set of the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course during our entire shoot making sure we were using inclusive language and neutralizing gender specific associations.

However, this is work in progress and honestly, we can’t do it without you! We need more leaders and people who are willing to be seen in our community, people who are normally underrepresented. We want to celebrate you!!

There will be no live nude webcamming and although there is no nudity in the recorded material, they do generate significant heat and demonstrate a wide range of pleasure possibilities for you to try.

There are occasional bonuses that are explicit and we do our best to warn you, if there is material which we think might be triggering.  We ask the you take personal responsibility for your own level of comfort with the materials.

It is required that you are 18 years of age or older to participate in any of our course offerings.

Of course! We know how to shake our booties like nobody’s business.

We get the dance floor hoping and we dance ‘til we drop.

After all, our number one core brand value is PLEASURE FIRST.

Come dance with us!!! 

Ready to own your sexuality and unlock a hot, passionate sex life?

The Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Program can help you achieve your sexual dreams!

You could keep trying to figure it all out on your own, OR you could get the most comprehensive pleasure education on the planet and get a lifetime of support from our Master Coaches and our Community.

What’s your call?


Statements made by current or former clients or by team members of The Blueprint Breakthrough, Inc., and Jaiya, Inc. are not meant to represent the results or benefits you can expect from this course.

Moreover, we aren’t aware of the state of your love life or the depth of your commitment to satisfying sex and intimacy.

In order to achieve results, students must commit to and participate in all The Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Program modules. If you’re in a partnership, we advise doing the program with your partner(s).

Though no explicit promise can be made for the individual results you will receive, we stand by the quality of all of our materials, including our modules, bonuses, advice, and practices.

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